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Well I will admit I fell for a few of them until I got smart and started checking on the web for these SCAM ARTISTS.There must be something we consumers can do to stop this? I fell for only a few and now get several in the mail daily and yes they all want money! Any ideas on how to stop them ALL? National Award Advisory Center wants me to send them $19.99 for $1,900,000.00 I will never see. Only ongoing requests for more money to supposedly get closer to recieving that award.


WPB Florida

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Paris, Ile-De-France, France #930463

J'ai reçu un courrier recommandé (avis d'attribution d'un lot important)

m'announçant que j'ai été séléctionné et ratifié. Il reste à valider et me demande 10€!!!???

Est-ce que quelqu'un a reçu un courrier pareille?

Votre réponse sera appréciée.


National Awards Advisory Center is a fake and fraud site created by scammers to dupe people


Debt Collectors



We possess a safari dwell but are soothe in two minds whether this is designer carrying around with us. We also fuddle an added outdoorsy fridge but are undetermined if we real essential this.


Debt Loans


i also received the mail for $1, 900, 000.and now that the payment for $19.99 will guarante me for my win

when did i enter in this competation

why cant any body shut these people down

why scam people of they hard earned dollars

just ask for it if you cant work




why do i have to send money to win money can you answer that for me please i think you are fraud and a fake so stop seding me letters in the mail

Guy, Texas, United States #9578

I was ripped off also and as many other have done like a dummy i sent the 20 bucks only to find out that it was all a scam. Its unfortunate that the US government allows these type of companies to operate under a completet scam.

Camarillo, California, United States #2286

Who ever is doing this must really need the money but look at this they are not going to have good luck with that money.

Camarillo, California, United States #2285

Tuseday i got a letter in the mail saying i won 1.9 million dollars i just had to send in $20 for the paper fee i fell for it i sent my last $20 everyone was telling me it was a scam but i thought it was a blessing from God but i guess i was wrong but that is cool because i'm in Gods favor and who ever is doing this God sees all you well be got sooner than later i will get my $20 back plus more. MAY GOD BLESS US ALL. :( :?

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