Unfortunatly i sent in money and lost it all. But now i am not that dumb to give them anymore.

They just keep on sending me these *** letters and i am fet-up with it. They are nothing but greedy money sucking *** that need to be arested for froud. I think they should have to give everyone that got a letter all the money that they keep saying we won and never did cause it was all a lie from the get go. I think we should all get together and stop them from doing this *** to people.

Thanks for all your complaints. This helped me get this far at least. Lets stop these BASTERDS now before they rip-off anymore people who actually need their money and fall for the same ***.

Sorry for the lanuage but i am really made at these people for what they are doing i wish they had a number i could call them and rip them another ***. thanks for listening and hope something is done soon about this.

Monetary Loss: $50.

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