Today is november 12, 2011 and i received this letter that indicated i won 1,900,000. I froze for a second and was so happy, being a single mom.

Then i read a statement which said please send 19.99. I immediately googled NAAC and came upon this site. Reviews from 2007 till 2010 and then nothing. Those 3 years of comments and experiences were enough to stop me from making a mistake.

Its almost 2012. I hope this fraud ends soon. Instead i am sure these jerks are probably millionaires from taking money from everyone they sent a letter to.

Anyways, thanks again for having this site.

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Thanks for the post !


Why are these people still allowed to commit this type of fraud?

I'm rather surprised that the NYPD hasn't shut them down in the amount of time and numbers of fraud attempts on not only New Yorkers but Nation wide.

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